Thursday, March 04, 2010

March 4, 2010

Well, we did keep Leah's appointment. Dr. Radhi even called me on Monday morning after I emailed him twice asking him his advice. The AFP this month is 2.5.....still well within the normal range, but up a bit. No one in Iowa City is worried, but of course as Leah's mom, I would like the AFP to decrease every single month (which technically isn't possible). It has been 2.5 before, but not for a while. I guess we are hoping this is a growth spurt and nothing more. She has been off treatment for almost four years now, and each and every day we are thankful for her great health. We will continue to pray that her next AFP is lower again so we can breathe a little easier. Her platelets were up a bit, which is what we wanted, as was her hemoglobin - this was not surprising, either, since she has been very full of energy lately. Leah is now 3 ft 9 and a would be great if she could have a little growth spurt.
Shopping and lunch at Hu Hot were on the agenda today, but we arrived home earlier than normal, which was kind of nice. We were both very tired and this way we were able to pick up Chloe from school. Tonight we need to be working on bedtime, but I promised the girls we would watch an episode of Home Improvement before we call it a night. They are waiting (im)patiently for me to be done posting, so I better call it a day.
Thanks for checking in, and all of your prayers. We continue to pray for Leah's complete healing here on earth.


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