Saturday, July 03, 2010

July 3, 2010

Oh, how time does fly! The Fourth of July weekend makes me realize school is just around the corner...and I feel like I have hardly been out of school yet. We also have been to the pool very few times, or done much of anything else. Leah's next appointment is this upcoming Thursday, July 8. Ugh. That is what I have to say about it. It would be lovely to just know things will be great before even going to the appointment, but despite how wonderful she looks on the outside, there is always that fear that something will be discovered. So, we are praying for a boring appointment, a low low AFP, high platelets and hemoglobin and a bit of growth.
Leah does look great....she finished up her T-ball (or whatever it is when it is machine pitched) season last week. She and Chloe and now Reeve, too, are taking gymnastics. Leah is taking piano lessons which Chloe will probably start at some point this year, too. Both Leah and Chloe found out who their teacher will be next year and are excited about that. Reeve alternates between excitement about preschool and telling us that she's not going. Could be interesting. We are truly in our summer routine - late bedtimes and late mornings. I am not so sure Chris enjoys this because he is the only person who has to get up in the morning and get to work.
Today we have my nephew's third birthday party and on Monday we will be going to Des Moines for a Tuesday at Adventureland.
I will update after our appointment on Thursday...thanks for checking in and the prayers for Leah's continued good health and healing here on earth.


Blogger Darlene said...

Thanks for updating when those appointments come up......Leah is always in my prayers. Hope to check back later today to see another wonderful report. Enjoy each and every summer day, they FLY by, don't they? "Twosie" (friend of your Mom)

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