Thursday, July 08, 2010

July 8, 2010

AFP = 1.6
Whew! Today's appointment was no less nerve-wracking than any other one. I would have thought that at this point I would be more relaxed for these check-ups, but it doesn't seem to work that way. Leah is also liking our getaways less and less, and is viewing these hospital visits as a rather large annoyance. She insisted several times that she would not be going to Iowa City today, but lo and behold, she did get in the van this morning with me.
All of Leah's bloodwork looks good, and in typical fashion every result was back in except for the AFP - the one number I really need to know to put my mind at ease. We hung around after the appointment waiting for that number and then were quite happy to hear the new level. We won't be going back until January 2011 now. I think I will enjoy not having to go as frequently! And, as of last month we have now reached the four year milestone for Leah being off treatment.

I guess the thrill of shopping after the appointments has worn off. We did hit Prairie Lights Bookstore and the mall very briefly, but were home by 1:00, perhaps the earliest ever. That was fine with me - I am exhausted.

Even though it is July, I now feel like I can start enjoying summer. We hope to visit The Falls Water Park many more times, and perhaps can even fit in a vacation of some sort. Discussions are underway to figure this out.

Thanks for checking in on us and for the continued prayers for Leah.


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