Saturday, January 15, 2011

January 15, 2011

How can six months possibly fly by so quickly? Leah is scheduled for her check-up this Thursday. In addition to her blood draw, she will also have an EKG, which is a routine procedure every couple of years. I broke the bad news about an Iowa City visit a while ago, but Leah must have forgotten because today when I told her about Thursday she was most definitely not very happy. Things appear to be fine, but I am starting to get worried. I would like to think that at 4 1/2 years out I could breathe easy, but I don't think that's possible. And right now life seems so busy that it seems hard to even sit and think about cancer and treatment for too long. This time of year is when Leah was undergoing treatment five years ago, so there are certain memories that are triggered just because we went through all of this in the winter.
Tomorrow Leah is modeling in a bridal show in Waterloo. She was asked to do this along with other Make A Wish children. While Leah doesn't really enjoy being the center of attention and had to be coerced to do this, Chloe was wishing she would have been asked. Pretty much all of tomorrow will be taken up with dress rehearsal, hair appointment and the actual show. I hope I can get some good pictures of her.
While I no longer update this site very frequently, I will try to post pictures and I will definitely update after Thursday's appointment. Thanks for checking in and your continued prayers.


Blogger Darlene said...

I rather enjoy the times I check in here and do not find an update. That tells me all is well and you are busy with normal, everyday, 'bringing up the kids' kinds of things! That time goes SO fast. Leah is on my daily prayer list. Have fun at the bridal show:) I'm sure the next time I check there will be a report of another 'all is well' medical report! Hugs, (Mom's friend)

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