Friday, July 22, 2011

Re-Cap of Dr. Appointment

Yesterday's appointment went well. Leah's AFP is 2.o and we shouldn't need to go back to oncology for an entire YEAR! That was the good news. The bad news is that we are being referred on to endocrinology. Part of that was anticipated because of Leah's slow growth. However, that is not the only reason we are being referred on. Leah's thyroid number was not in the normal range. Dr. O was not extremely alarmed, but said because there are now two concerns we should get this looked at. While I very much agree and don't want to overlook anything, it would have been wonderful to leave knowing we weren't going to go back for a year. But we will take the AFP and be happy for now. By the time we arrived home they had already called to schedule an endo. appointment. I thought perhaps the level of concern was greater by their department than our doctor had indicated if they already called so quickly, but it isn't. Leah's appointment is on November 7. That is the first time we could get in. Yesterday Leah had her hearing checked - something they do every two years. Her hearing is remaining stable. She still has high frequency hearing loss, something Leah will argue with you about since she can hear just fine, in her opinion.

Shopping consisted only of Prairie Lights bookstore and the consignment shop in Marion. Sometimes we don't have much luck there, but yesterday Leah found several things calling her name for fall and has a nice little stack to add to her closet. Both of us were rather tired last night, but my mom finished off a flannel quilt for the girls' daycare provider (we are now done with daycare after six and a half years at the same provider - Reeve will be attending a Pre-K program at the elementary school this fall) so we went to her house to finish clipping the quilt squares and then delivered the quilt to Karen. I hope she knows how much we appreciate every single minute she spent with the girls.

Thanks for checking in. As Leah's next appointment draws closer on the calendar, I will update again. We continue to appreciate your prayers and thoughts for Leah's complete healing.


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