Saturday, December 30, 2006

December 30, 2006

We have had a wonderful Christmas break! The girls had a great time getting ready for Santa and anticipating what he might bring. Santa may have gone a little overboard this year, but it was worth it. We also prepared for Jesus' birthday by baking a birthday cake for Him. While we don't seem to have accomplished a great deal during our time off, we have been enjoying relaxing a bit more and not having to go too many places. Chris, Leah, Chloe and I saw Charlotte's Web and enjoyed it. The girls and I read that book earlier this summer. We also did a little socializing with some friends we had not seen in far too long. It has felt great to be normal. However, we do have an Iowa City trip looming on January 4th. This is for CT and blood work, where they will check the AFP again. I hate worrying about these visits-they seem to come around all too frequently. While in many ways 2006 was a year filled with a lot of worry and sadness, the last six months have been filled with healing and happiness. In some ways it would be wonderful to freeze time and continue as we are right now. While we know that is not possible, we continue to pray that Leah is healed here on earth and remains cancer-free. Over break I have had some time to re-read some email messages and cards that were sent when Leah was first diagnosed. I also managed to run across the notes I had to take when we were receiving chemotherapy instruction...very different emotions involved in those experiences. We continue to be grateful for our family and friends and all the prayers that people continue to say for Leah. We are hopeful for health and happiness for all in 2007. Happy New Year!

Friday, December 22, 2006

December 22, 2006

The girls with Santa

Christmas is fast approaching! I wrapped a few more gifts today that are under the tree. The girls are very excited about Santa and wrapping presents. Leah has school yet today but I am on break already! On Sunday we enjoyed watching Leah and Chloe in the church Christmas program. Leah was not very excited to be a part of it and started out by pouting through their first number. After she got going a bit it was fine. Chloe enjoyed every minute of the program. She was the youngest child in it and had a great time. On Tuesday Leah had her school program. We are used to her doing more people watching than singing when she is in front of people, but she did a great job singing away. The girls have seen Santa a few times this year. This all began when we were at Disney World and he visited at Give Kids the World Village where we stayed. This past Sunday night we were invited to a supper party in Denver at the Bohlmann's and Santa made a surprise visit there. On Tuesday he stopped by Leah's program as well and he even remembered Leah's name! Chloe reminds us every day that we need to be asleep for Santa to come and we cannot come downstairs during the night. This may be tricky considering Reeve will need to eat, so we are agreeing with whatever Chloe says and then doing our own thing. We are all looking forward to Christmas break. We do not have a lot of plans, but will see both of our families over Christmas and will also do some shopping, reading, and maybe even go out to see Charlotte's Web. Chris and I will celebrate our 9th anniversary on the 27th, which is also my birthday. I might even try to get a few Christmas cards out, although mine will be more like Epiphany cards.

On January 4 we head to Iowa City for a CT scan and blood work. We have been praying for a boring, routine check-up - a clean CT and low, low AFP. Please keep Leah in your prayers as well during this busy holiday season, that she can remain healthy and cancer-free. Last year at this time we spent the entire month of December in the hospital and came home on Christmas Eve day. We are enjoying this year so much more and pray that we have many normal, happy, healthy days ahead of us in 2007 as well.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Monday, December 11, 2006

December 11, 2006

I haven't posted in a while, so thought I would write a quick update before the morning rush begins.

Last night we went to see Go Fish in concert at the Gallagher Bluedorn with the Schaefers. Supper was at the Brown Bottle before the concert--it was a great night! Good music, good food, good friends. Leah and Chloe enjoyed it, too. Leah managed to stay awake til we got home, but Chloe was sleeping before we left the parking lot. It is hard to believe it is Monday again. This week Leah is the Star of the Week at school. This must be close to being a movie star or something because she is sooooooo excited about it. Nearly every week this year she would comment on how she could not wait to be the Star of the Week, but someone else was always chosen. She has people lined up to eat lunch with her every day this week and has pictures, books and a recipe/snack to share, too.

We are enjoying holiday preperations so much more this year than last. It is hard not to remember where and what was happening a year ago at this time. In some ways that is good because we are truly more appreciative of our time together this year, but in others it is hard to think of everything Leah has had to endure. Part of this is made difficult by the fact that in this past year eight children that we know have passed away from childhood cancer. Cancer is a horrible disease-something no child should have to experience. We continue to pray for these families and for Leah to remain cancer free.

Leah is still waiting for some snow to build a snowman with. Her appetite is enormous right now-especially for things like ice cream sandwiches and Kudos bars, and her list for Santa is long. There is little else to report. We are looking forward to Christmas break and celebrating our Savior's birth.

Please continue to keep Leah in your prayers this holiday season....for continued good health and a good check-up in January in Iowa City - for a low AFP and clean CT.