Friday, April 11, 2008

April 11, 2008

What a chilly Friday morning it is today! We just can't seem to get rid of winter.

Our day in Iowa City yesterday went well. If you did not read yesterday's brief post, Leah's AFP is 1.9 and her CT scan looked good. Dr. Rahdi did examine Leah but there was not much to see. We go back again in two more months- sometime in June. That will mark her two year anniversary of being off treatment. The worst part of yesterday was the IV that Leah had to get - it took them over ten minutes of digging around with the needle to get a blood return. Usually Leah is not overly bothered by getting an IV, but she kept saying she felt like she was going to throw up since it was taking so long. She even laid down for a while afterward. This is how I usually react to anything related to blood, and it appears that Leah might be developing her own phobia (although with all the digging around they did maybe it was a one time occurrence).

Hu Hot was yummy. We also spent some time at Coral Ridge Mall and the consignment shop in Marion. The ride home was quite windy and rainy (much like the drive there).

April is a busy month for us: spring concerts, some weddings on weekends, the final weekend of classes for me, Drake Relays Half Marathon for Chris, and a variety of other things that seem to be booking up our time. We are hopeful for warmer weather, and grateful, as always, for the continued prayers for Leah's healing here on earth.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

April 10, 2008

AFP = 1.9!

I will write more tonight, but right now I have decided to log on to the Ped. Clinic computer (that might not be legal, but that's what happens when we have to wait!). We have yet to really see Dr. Rahdi, just have chatted a bit, so he needs to really examine Leah. Her scans are done and he has not looked at those yet, but the AFP is good news. Her hemoglobin is 14.2 and her platelets are right at 200.

Leah has eaten (finally!) and plans on shopping. She is venturing from her normal lunch of Olive Garden and requesting Hu Hot.