Thursday, June 26, 2008

June 26, 2008

AFP - 1.9! AGAIN!

If this number seems a bit repetitive, it is. Leah's AFP was 1.9 today, 1.9 on April 10, and 1.8 on January 31. That is all fine by me. It can stay right there.

We had a good checkup in Iowa City. Aside from seeing Dr. Radhi, which we expect, we also saw Leah's friend, James (he's our friend, too, and used to be a nursing assistant on the Hem/Onc floor), who is in med. school. He saw Leah's name on the list of patients for the week in the clinic and chose to be in the clinic today when we were there. Leah was a bit shy at first, but found it hard to stop giggling after we started talking. We also visited the hem/onc floor to see if any of our old nurses were around. We managed to catch up with Roshaun and Tom- it was good to see both of them, but we only plan on visits like today. Leah was pretty quiet when visiting them....whether it is due to memories of our time in Iowa City, the fact that she is generally shy around people initially, the fact that she is getting older, or a combination of those things, I am not sure.

We stopped at our usual spots - Prairie Lights Book Store, the mall, lunch at Hu Hot with our friend, Lis, and then a stop at the consignment shop in Marion. The big purchase at the consignment shop was a Lego table that the girls are busy with now.

I can finally breathe a sigh of relief and schedule some things for our summer. As I started to list them off over lunch I came to the realization that we have a lot to cram in to our summer yet. Time is going so quickly!

Thank you for checking in and the many prayers you have said for Leah's complete healing here on earth. We are grateful each and every day for the many people who continue to check in on Leah and pray for her.

Friday, June 20, 2008

June 20, 2008

It seems like time is going so quickly.....we finally have some real summer weather and have made a few trips to the Falls in Cedar Falls. The girls love playing there and Reeve even enjoys herself. Luckily we managed to stay high and dry in Denver, but Chris' parents were not so lucky. Their basement had water up to the ceiling and they are still busy cleaning up from that mess. Just yesterday they had their electricity turned on. Chris has been helping out at night trying to get things taken care of, so it feels like are barely seeing him right now.

Leah's appointment in Iowa City is scheduled for June 26- this upcoming Thursday. I am not excited about going back at all. She appears the picture of health on the outside and has so many plans for each and every day. When I indulge her in trying to accomplish all the things she wants we rarely get to bed before 10:30--a little too late. These past two weeks Leah has attended some enrichment programs at Price Lab in Cedar Falls. This week she has four classes: scrapbooking, Spanish, Oceans Away, and More than Cards (another artsy class where they make bookmarks and giftbags). I think she is enjoying it although she did mention she was quite sweaty there. I guess we can feel lucky that it didn't warm up until this week, then.

Both the girls finished their school years and are looking forward to this fall. Leah is thrilled to be heading to first grade and Chloe will be attending Discoveries in the fall. Right after Chloe got out of school she and Chris headed to Montana for a week- the highlight was Uncle Randy's bunny who lives in the house and is paper trained. I am happy she enjoyed it, but don't plan on getting one for our house.

There have been so many things going on since I last updated, but for the mostpart none are that outstanding.....just enjoying being busy and normal.

My Leah quote from yesterday....she had managed to scratch herself on her chest with her scrapbook and it left a pretty good mark. I asked her if she had said anything to her teacher and her response was, "No, I wasn't that traumatized by it."

Both the girls seem to have enjoyed living dangerously....Chloe fell off her bike yesterday and now has a bloody knee. At the Falls, the bucket of water overturned on her while she was on the Lazy River and the force of the water overturned her innertube and knocked her out of it so Chris had to fish her out, and last night she fell out of bed and hit her eye/face on the chair by the bed, giving herself a black eye. Leah was jumping on a trampoline a week and a half ago and fell and sprained her ankle. She limped or hopped around for a few days. After I bought her a wrap she did do a better job of recovering and refuses to even acknowledge that she may be babying it a bit yet when she runs. Since I rarely wanted to do anything other than read when I was little these injuries are foreign to me; I am most familiar with paper cuts :).

Please pray that Leah's checkup on Thursday is as routine and boring as they come. It is "just" an AFP draw, but these seem to be just as stressful as any other visit.....we are praying for a very low AFP and time to enjoy our summer.