Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 12, 2009

I just checked our blog tonight, after having updated it from Iowa City this morning, to realize that somehow that update never got posted. Bummer.
AFP =1.6
Things still look good. The only thing I don't like is that her platelets are at 137....normal is 150-400. When I quizzed Dr. Rahdi about it he didn't seem very concerned. I had known, and he reminded me, that sickness will make a person's platelets drop, and since Leah was sick last week, this was the perfect set-up for lower platelets. He told me that he always had to give me something to worry about on each visit.
After our visit we managed to stop at Prairie Lights Bookstore, Coral Ridge Mall, and had lunch at Hu Hot. Leah claimed she was starving, but there was not a lot of food that she ate at Hu-Hot. However, she managed to "need" an ice-cream cone from Cold Stone Creamery right next door, and ate the entire thing. We did stop at the consignment shop, but for the first time ever, bought nothing. There were a lot of cute things there, but the girls don't really need anything right now (although they might after I get a look at their spring and summer stuff), so we left emptyhanded.
Our next visit is not until June 11. There was some discussion about when a scan will take place. I am all for doing them on an as needed basis, which is how we left things for right now.
Thanks for checking in and all your thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Postponed til next week

This week has been incredibly frustrating at our house. Chris and I spent all weekend sick at home. Whatever bug has been going around it has found our family. We both had some sort of fever, aches, chills and cough that persisted. I ended up missing Suzanne's bridal shower in Des Moines that Leah went to with my parents. Chloe has acted like she doesn't feel great, but has kept on going to school (on Friday 14 out of 24 kids were absent in her room). Chris and I both stayed home from work on Monday and thought we were recovering when Reeve started vomiting on Monday night. She kept that up through yesterday. This morning Leah got up with the same type of symptoms as Chris and I have had. So.....I rescheduled her Iowa City appt. for next Thursday. I hate postponing the trip and it just keeps me worrying for longer, but I don't want to take her down if she is sick---I am not sure how her lab results would look, and she also doesn't need to spread her germs all over the clinic where the kids have compromised immune systems. And, the day is long enough already without going there with a sick kid. So, right now Leah and Reeve are watching TV, Chloe is at midweek at church and Chris is at a Lenten service. We will just get to enjoy one more week of normal life and hope that we can all get healthy. Thanks for checking in and all the prayers for Leah's complete healing on earth.