Monday, January 18, 2010

Mid-winter Update

I can't believe it is 2010 already! Things are going well here. We are happy to be busy, even though sometimes I feel like spending a night at home is a rare occasion. We are gearing up to attend Dance Marathon at the beginning of February. Right now I don't even know for sure when Leah's next appointment is.
I don't do a very good job of updating on this site besides during appointment times. However, Leah has two different blogs she has been working on. The first one is a blog where she and a friend review books they read. The address
The other night Chloe was wishing she could have a blog, too, so they decided they should have a sisters blog. That site is:
It is funny to watch them check these sites constantly. They are always trying to get more followers. (I have had a book review blog for over a year now and think Leah and I might be tied for followers). If you have time and want to check in on them, they would love it.
As appointment time draws nearer, I will be posting again on this site.