Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February 25, 2009

Yes, time has flown by again. We got the reminder notice on Monday in the mail for Leah's appointment on March 5. This time is supposed to be a CT scan. However, Dr. Rahdi and I have emailed each other a few times about this. I have jokingly always asked him why we have to keep scanning. But seriously, why do we have to keep scanning? I have done my hepatoblatoma research and know that different hospitals have different protocols. There are many places who never scan and just rely on AFP. There are many places that scan for a while and then rely on AFP. So, he has agreed with me that for now we can just rely on AFP as well and leave the scanning to an "as needed" basis. Chris and I are both comfortable with that. We have only told Leah that for right now she won't need a scan on this visit. I don't ever think I can promise her that we are all done with them, even though I would like that and pray that we are done scanning. Scanning has it's own risks as well, and it is quite the production for Leah to get an IV, so she is happy to just be having a poke.

We are of course praying for a low AFP and for the rest of her bloodwork to be just dandy. She is enjoying gymnatics and is starting piano lessons next week Wednesday. Chloe is also taking gymnastics. Last night we had the parent kdg. roundup meeting. She is ready to go. Reeve has started sleeping in the trundle bed in the girls' room. This is not going very well at this point. On Monday night I was only up six times in the night...Chloe has also taken up talking in her sleep and I don't want her to wake anyone else up, and I can't tell if she is awake or not when she is yelling for me. Last night Leah came into our bedroom four times to tell me what Chloe was saying. Finally on the fourth visit she got in bed with us. Then Reeve woke up (for good) at 4:15 AM. So, we have a few kinks to work out.

I will post after our visit, and appreciate all the prayers and thoughts we receive.