Thursday, September 04, 2008

September 4, 2008

AFP = 1.9, Scans are clear!

Early this morning Leah and I headed back down to Iowa City for a check-up. We were there very early, but I knew that the way things were scheduled that I would be running between the peds. clinic and CT scan. Luckily everyone was really nice about this today. Leah really didn't enjoy getting her IV. She does seem to be developing some of my phobias. I had put emla on her arms which numbs them when they are placing her IV and after she got over her initial trauma she didn't even really notice the IV was done. Obviously the AFP is quite steady....I think it has been 1.9 (or 1.8) since February. The platelets were the only thing that I can now worry about. Dr. Rahdi told me not to, but that would be virtually impossible for me. Normal range is 150,000 - 400,0000. Well, Leah's are 166,000. That is normal, but they were over 200,000 so now I can wonder why they dropped. I know there is a range of normal and things fluctuate. I also know all her other labs looked great. And as much as I would like them to be on the upper side of normal, maybe that isn't going to happen. Unfortunately I have no control over her platelets and I can't fix them with dietary changes or anything like that....and they are completely normal.

We managed to go to Coral Ridge Mall, eat at Olive Garden, stop at Prairie Lights book store and hit the consignment shop. I am totally exhausted. I didn't sleep well last night and we drove in the dark and rain all the way there. I am glad tomorrow is Friday.

I am posting from my parent's house and their computer is much better than ours. Unfortunately I left my camera at home because I was finally going to post some pictures.

Funny story: The other night Chris gave Leah her Relay For Life Survivor shirt. Chloe was disgruntled about this and the fact that Leah *always* gets everything. So, I said the reason she got the shirt was because of all the times she had to stay at the hospital. Her response, said with disbelief, "she got a t-shirt for THAT?" Like staying in the hospital was the most ridiculous thing to earn a cool t-shirt.

Chloe has also started up her speech class at UNI. Chris' mom takes her since it is two times a week during the day. I was asking Chloe what her teacher's name was (I had talked to the coordinator earlier yesterday morning and couldn't remember it). Chloe told me "Aleesiana." Hmmm...I asked if it was Leeann (which is actually correct) but she insisted, and continues to insist that her name is "Aleesiana." Maybe we are watching too much hurricane coverage.

And speaking of hurricane coverage, someone who shall remain nameless told Leah about the Weather Channel. We are watching an awful lot of weather at our house now.

Both of Leah's big front teeth are out now and I have a picture of her with Dr. Rahdi (he is holding on to her while she tries to get away -which is the story of their relationship in a nutshell) that I need to post when I visit my mom and dad again....

Thank you for checking in and all your prayers. We are forever grateful to so many people and continue to pray for Leah's complete healing here on earth.