Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Change of Plans

Well, it turns out we won't be going to Iowa City after all tomorrow. Leah threw up at school this afternoon, so I called to reschedule her appointment. There are some pros and cons to this. This means I can worry longer - and psychoanalyze everything for longer, too. But since her appointments have normally been scheduled 9 weeks apart and this time there were only 8 weeks between appointments, I am trying to content myself with the idea that waiting until April 10 (which is when we are tentatively setting up a CT and check-up with Dr. Rahdi) is only one more week than we have normally been waiting. Of course we are praying that this appointment is routine and then we wouldn't go to Iowa City again until after school lets out for us both - and that would be nice as well.
The annoying thing is that I was totally convinced when the secretary at school called to tell me about Leah throwing up that she had the stomach flu. She had hardly eaten for the past two days, which is how Reeve's flu started. I had even quizzed Leah about this yesterday and asked if her stomach felt OK. When I got to school she seemed mildly sick, but she seems perfectly fine now. I almost hope she throws up again sometime now because I am feeling so guilty about changing her appointment.
Dr. Rahdi and I talked while I was driving from Waterloo to Denver and discussed the fact that she could wait to be seen for a few more weeks. Taking he rto Iowa City to a clinic where there are many immuno-supressed kids wouldn't not be appreciated by anyone. So, I guess that is the plan. I can lose sleep for several more days and hope that everyone can pray for a routine check-up for a few more weeks.
We'll continue to enjoy our spring and keep hoping for warmer weather.

Monday, March 24, 2008

March 24, 2008

Looking back at my last post it seems impossible that almost two months have passed. That means it is time for another Iowa City trip. Leah has a CT scan and blood work scheduled for Thursday morning. Once again she looks great on the outside, but the fear of something going on that we cannot see is always there. I am not sure who still checks in on us, but if you are, please pray for Leah to have a very boring, routine checkup on Thursday: a clean CT scan and low AFP.

Since I last posted we have enjoyed having a normal, busy life. Dance Marathon was the first weekend in February and the girls thought it was great! We left Reeve at Grandma's because Chris and I had to drive separately so I could drive back on Saturday morning to take a class. That left him with Leah and Chloe to hang out with. My sister, Suzanne, and our friend, Lis also came to hang out and help.

More recently we have had the flu visit our house. Only Reeve had it horribly- throwing up for over 5 days. I had it for 24 hours, but the rest of our family seems to have missed it. Reeve is talking more - she is good at saying no, but has figured out how to nod her head as well, and is very good at saying "here, Mommy," with anything and everything she hands me.

Our Easter celebration was low-key this year. I took the girls (Chris stayed with Reeve) to the Good Friday Tenebrae service at church. Last year Leah fell asleep waiting for the lights to go off. This year she was awake, but annoyed with how long it took. On Saturday we decorated eggs and hid them outside a few times. Reeve's contribution was her one colored egg she managed to poke her finger all the way through. The girls were excited to look at their loot on Easter morning and had a good time finding all the eggs the Easter Bunny hid. We went to church at Nazareth in Cedar Falls since their service began at 10 - a sunrise service with 3 young kids is a recipe for disaster at our house. Last night we went to my parents for supper.

Today it is back to work and school. Both Leah and I had spring break last week. I am guessing we will be rather tired and crabby by the end of this week.

I will post Thursday after our appointment. Please continue to remember Leah in your prayers, especially for her check-up on Thursday.