Thursday, July 26, 2007

July 26, 2007

AFP = 3.5, CT - Clear

Yes, as most of you will notice...the AFP has gone up a bit. Dr. Rahdi had his big speech all ready for me. 3.5 is still normal. 1.4, is all the same. AFP is not secreted as a constant, blah, blah, blah. The radiologist snorted at him when he informed him the AFP was 3.5 and the mother was not happy with it. Can I help it that I am a bit OCD?

Obviously the day was good. Dr. Rahdi and his resident informed us that the CT scan was quite boring to look at. Great! I'll take boring. No one knows why for sure AFP fluctuates. Dr. Rahdi has been trying to prepare me for this for months. After each draw he always asks me what I will do if it ever goes up a little. I usually tell him I will cry. Well, I didn't cry, even though I hate any fluctuation at all. I have now looked at a lot of people's AFP information to know that 3.5 is normal and most parents upon hearing that try to be pleased with that bit of information.

We did miss Ragbrai coming through Denver which was rather unfortunate. I think Leah would have liked to see that. When we left this morning at 5:30 AM there was not a bike rider to be seen. We got to the hospital early and after checking in proceeded to run up and down the stairs (Leah hates the elevator!) between 2nd and 3rd floor. CT lost Leah's paperwork so they wouldn't give us the barium drink until they could find her papers. I didn't really understand why they thought I would ask for the barium drink if we didn't need it, but eventually after 3 return trips we got the drink. The CT scan itself continues to be a breeze and Leah did another wonderful job of sitting still while having an IV placed.

After the dr./hospital stuff we drove to CR and ate at the Olive Garden. Leah was starving because on CT days she cannot eat until after her scan. We did a stop at Barnes and Noble and also the consignment shop. Tomorrow night is the consignment shop's Back to School Special so Leah called Grandma Kathy on the phone right away and lined her up to help us go shopping (with Chloe, too) at a variety of places tomorrow. Should be a fun and busy day.

We continue to thank God for his healing power and Leah's good health. We are thrilled we get to send her off to kindergarten and celebrate her sixth birthday in just 3 weeks (August 15th). We hope there are many more happy days ahead and remain grateful to everyone who prays for Leah's complete healing here on earth.

While we would normally return to Iowa City in 5 weeks, we may be extending that to a bit longer between trips. I will post more when I know specifics on her next visit, and sometime soon I promise to post pictures of some of our summer fun!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

July 12, 2007

We are enjoying some beautiful summer days! Last night the girls were outside watching and talking to Chris and his friend Andy who were spreading mulch as well as riding bikes and playing at our neighbor's house. It is great to be normal. Reeve has learned how to walk and she is keeping us on our toes because she is quite good at getting into things she shouldn't. While we haven't taken any big trips this summer, we did manage to make a day trip to Burr Oak, Iowa, to see Laura Ingalls Wilder's house. We also visited the trout hatchery in Decorah and some friends there as well. Last week I took Leah and Chloe to the water park in Cedar Falls - we loved it there and are planning to go back soon. Really, there is not much to report. We go back to Iowa City on July 26th for a CT and AFP draw. Of course this makes us anxious just thinking about it. We continue to pray for Leah's good health and complete healing here on earth, and hope that others still are including her in their daily prayers. We also have a few friends that are in need of some prayers right now: Elijah who has ALL and has relapsed and Jace, who was in remission for meduloblastoma (brain tumor) for two years + and has relapsed. Thanks again to everyone for continuing to check in on us, even though I don't post as often (I think that is a good thing!), and keeping Leah in your prayers.