Friday, January 26, 2007

January 26, 2007

TGIF!! Time continues to fly by. The weather has seemed more like winter and now that we have had snow the girls have actually been out to play in it a few times. Leah is especially excited about this since we never let her outside to do that last year. The weeks seem to rush by. By the time we get home from school and work, eat supper and do a few things around the house, it is once again bedtime. I am not complaining! This beats last year any day. Leah is feeling good, getting some longer hair, and gearing up for Dance Marathon. That takes place next weekend. Chris is in the proces of getting a DVD of pictures made to show at DM when we present. Families can sign up for a time slot to share their story. Last year we opted out of that, but this year he has signed us up. We are also being interviewed on the radio during the weekend. Last year I was interviewed on a Friday when we just happened to be inpatient.

Leah's next appointment is February 8th. They scheduled it for five weeks from our last visit on their own, which was very nice. Otherwise I would have had to attempt to talk to someone down there about getting it changed. Once again we ask for prayers for this visit to go well --- especially for a very low AFP. We still hear from people from time to time that we may not talk to on a daily or weekly basis who continue to let us know that their prayers are still being said for Leah. I cannot even begin to explain how reassuring that is.

We continue to enjoy these wonderful times at home and are enjoying every moment of them!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

January 14, 2007

The girls with G.G. and the gingerbread house they made her.

It's snowing in Denver tonight....the girls are counting on playing outside tomorrow! Hard to believe it is halfway through January and we have not had any real snow yet.

I never posted again after our Iowa City trip, but we continue to enjoy good, normal times here at home. Leah is back in the school groove after Christmas break. Chloe is starting to be excited about recognizing letters in the alphabet...this is monumental for us because Chloe would much rather sing or pretend than anything else. We are almost done with the book Little House in the Big Woods, so tonight we made butter from whipping cream. The girls liked this job for about two seconds and then I had to do the remainder of the work. Leah enjoyed eating the butter with her sandwich, though. We have also been watching Home Alone and Home Alone II. Both girls alternate saying, "I'm so scared! This is hilarious!" As I type Leah is giving Aunt Suzanne a detailed (and I do mean DETAILED) account of both movies. This has been going on for over ten minutes now, and while Aunt Suzanne may be ready to move on with the conversation Leah is still going strong.

Reeve is now rolling over a lot. It is hard to believe she is four months old already.

So far we have not received our information from Iowa City about when Leah's next appointment is scheduled. We do know it will be the first week in February. I am tempted to try and schedule it for 5 weeks from our last visit, and then her appointment in March 5 weeks from her February visit. By doing that the March visit would hit during spring break and I would not have to take another day off. As it is now I have one day left to use before I run out of paid time off. So, when we get the information I will have to see if Iowa City is OK with my idea.

Already in January two young children we know of(one with hepatoblastoma) have passed away. It is a big reminder of all we have to be thankful for...and it is scary as well as we hope to never have to revisit the cancer experience.

Dance Marathon is coming up the first weekend in February. Leah has been asking about this since it ended last February. She is ready for The Big Dance....especially watching James perform with the doctors. She is quite insistent that Reeve get to attend with us, even though I am doubtful Reeve will have much fun.

We have enjoyed the first few weeks of 2007 immensely. We are praying for a healthy year and continue to rely on everyone's prayers for Leah's complete healing here on earth. It is truly the one thing that gives us comfort in this journey.

Thanks for continuing to check in on us!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

January 4, 2007

A quick post from the 7th floor--our old stomping grounds....
AFP = 3.4
That is just fine! Saw Dr. Rahdi and he has looked at the scans already. They look good, too. Hemoglobin is 13, platelets are normal. I must say I am quite happy!!!! We had the scan and went to the clinic knowing our blood work results would be back. Dr. Rahdi called them up on the screen and looked right to the AFP-the one number we are interested in. So, the past few months her AFP has gone from 3.6 to 3.5 and now to 3.4. We like this trend and hope it continues.

Leah is busy picking on James and seeing a few of our nurses. I can honestly say I am not thrilled to be here again, but it is OK as a visitor. The next stop is the Olive Garden and then Leah thinks we are going to the consignment shop. She still has not eaten today aside from the barium drink for her CT. This was her first time having a peripheral IV--slightly traumatic because they blew the first vein they tried so she has a nice bruise. This also prompted her to sob for them to stop. If that had not happened there may not have been any tears at all.

Leah has now arrived from her torturing of James and is ready to go eat. I may post later on from home, but for now, we are looking forward to being away from Iowa City for another cancer free month. We praise God for Leah's good health and for friends and family who continue to pray for her as well. We do not take a moment of these happy times for granted.